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You can perhaps see some curves, hills and valleys, even hairpin turns and t-intersections on that road!

I started my Real Estate career in 2009 with a desire to be in business for myself in a service industry where I can help and enjoy interacting with others. I had miraculously recuperated from a severe SAH (brain-bleed), which should have removed me from this world, but then found myself in a terrible job wondering everyday what my life was meant to be.

What was the next step for my career? The right career for me? I had a lot of different work experience – I mean a lot:

Newspaper boy, restaurant cook, feed mill labourer, farm hand, research assistant, agriculture bio-tech consultant, lab supervisor, Quality Assurance Supervisor, Canola Plant Superintendant, Technical and Environmental Services Manager, Vegetable Oil Processing consultant, Environmental Consultant and Instrumentation Specialist, Security Manager, Bylaw Enforcement Officer, Public Works Labourer, including garbage man and water and waste water technician.

You can perhaps see some curves, hills and valleys, even hairpin turns and t-intersections on that road!

Life experience was taking me through our growing family. Born and raised in Lethbridge, I attended the University of Lethbridge and attained my BSc (Bio). We chose Coalhurst for our family, after a few years away, where we’ve now lived for over 20 years. I value taking a keen interest in the community a person calls home, so I’m serving my fourth term on Town Council. I really love that role as I get to learn a great deal about municipalities and community living.

So in 2009, I said never again to working for a big corporation or being stuck in a seniority-limiting work place and became a REALTOR®, just in time for the market to take it’s biggest down-turn it had seen in years. Tough, yes, but seriously the best time to learn!

Working at Sutton was good and I loved the people there, still do, but I still wasn’t running my own business really. Reminded again that life is too short when I had open-heart surgery for HCM in 2017, I thought I’d take it easy on myself and start our own Brokerage – Right Choice Realty Inc. – providing services just as you see here throughout the website!

Well, I couldn’t have done all this if it wasn’t for my faith and family.  Simply put, I wouldn’t be here if God hadn’t healed me and given me purpose through Jesus Christ.  And I would never have been able to do it or wanted to fight on to continue to do it without my wife, Annette, and our now adult kids Destiny, Danielle, Zachary and Mikhaila.

So here I am – enjoying the fact that I get to help you with your real estate needs and can use my life experience to understand some of where you’re at and what your needs may be. 

Stop by our office, I’d love to chat with you about your plans.  And you’ll see Annette too, who has joined the company as Real Estate Assistant, also taking care of the conveyancing, business bookkeeping, and reception.

We look forward to meeting you!

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